📢 Receta Pilafit që derdhet Kokra-Kokra 🙌 Aq e Shijshme Nuk do e Ndryshoni Asnjëherë❤️

📢 Receta Pilafit që derdhet Kokra-Kokra 🙌 Aq e Shijshme Nuk do e Ndryshoni Asnjëherë❤️

Panasonic Rice Cookers – A Foodie’s Best Friend

Have you ever heard of Panasonic and National? These are the same Japanese manufacturers. Recently they decided to unify both brands under the Panasonic umbrella, which is more known internationally.

Barbecue Accessories – Do You Really Need Them?

Oh, man, I love to barbecue. Every chance I get I am out there with my grill. But what about barbecue accessories? Are they really necessary? Do we need them? Which ones are important and which ones are just for show? In this post here we will just briefly touch on what some of the essentials are that you need for good barbecue.

What is a Breadmaker?

We all eat toast. Whether you go to the grocery store or the bakery to get your bread, it’s all cooked in a very similar manner. However, if you want the fresh stuff, you can bake it at home with a Breadmaker. All you need to do is add the right ingredients and switch it on. The machine will do the rest!

Brining Chicken – A Lost Art

Brining chicken is something that has almost been forgotten in our society today and whenever I have brought up the subject at different times, many look at me as if I have lost my mind. What are you talking about, they ask. Well, let me share this with you first. After I retired from the restaurant business I started driving trucks. I cannot tell you how many chicken and turkey farms which I have been to.

How to Cook the Best Turkey

Cooking the most amazing turkey is a time consuming and precision operation. Read on to find out how to achieve perfection that none of your guests will ever forget.

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