📢 Turshi e Përzier PA KONZERVANSE !! Që Nuk Prishet Asnjëherë me Shumë Shije !! ❤️

📢 Turshi e Përzier PA KONZERVANSE !! Që Nuk Prishet Asnjëherë me Shumë Shije !! ❤️

Buying Fresh Fish – The Basics That You Must Know First

Whether purchasing fish for a celebration of sorts or just for the love of fish, getting it right the first time before sitting down and enjoying the great tastes fish has to offer is critical and can save you a lot of lost money, time, heartache and can even prevent potential health issues. So where are we best to buy from?

Simple Cooking Tips for Beginners

These days with so many fast food and take outs everywhere, it seems there is no need for one to learn the art of cooking. Cooking is not just a necessity in life but it is an expression of love.

Handling & Storage of Fresh Fish After Purchasing – What You Must Know Before Cooking

After purchasing fresh fish from the fishmonger, we would like to think that they have gone to great lengths to store and keep our fresh fish fresh, so we must do the same to ensure we serve the best quality we can. How do we make sure that our fish is then fresh as possible before cooking?

Powering Electric BBQ Smokers The Right Way

Electric BBQ smokers have several advantages over traditional smokers and can still produce delicious and tasty meats. However they also have one big disadvantage. Getting power to the smoker can be a challenge at best and dangerous in a worst case scenario. Here’s how to get the job done right.

How to Choose and Cook Fish

Fish is very healthy and there is no way you can let this aliment out from your weekly diet. It contains a lot of vitamins and can cure a lot of illnesses, but you shouldn’t always go for the same cooking recipe. Here are a few ideas and tips on fish and how to choose and how to cook it.

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