(Must -Must Try)Makhani Multipurpose #shorts

(Must -Must Try)Makhani Multipurpose #shorts

4 Tips For Modifying Recipes and Substituting Ingredients With Confidence

In our cooking classes we are often asked by our guests how we can modify recipes so bravely. The truth is, we rarely work to a recipe and when we do it is never followed exactly. Certain ingredients will always work together in the same way and some recipes should be kept relatively untouched but others can be adjusted to create unique, original recipes that you or your family will love. If you are a little nervous about the idea of messing with a recipe then these 4 tips will help boost your confidence and have you cooking your own masterpieces in no time.

How to Cook Beets – Boiling, Roasting and Baking Tips

It’s pretty common knowledge that Beets are not the most popular item in the produce department. That became evident to me after heading to my local grocery store and picking up some beets and having the cash register lady ask me what they were.

Cooking Quinoa

Quinoa was considered a sacred food by the Incas. In the last several years, cooking quinoa has become very popular. Let’s take a look at what quinoa is and why you might consider adding it to your diet.

Working the Yeast to Get Perfect Bread

Making bread by hand it one the time old things that is such a great thing to do. You can smell how great homemade bread is when you come home from work or when it is about done. And you feel great by making the bread by hand, it tastes like nothing else.

How to Save Time While Cooking

If you are a working mom, you would definitely like to read this. For you, the work load and the pressure doesn’t really end at leaving your office in the evening. You most probably dread having to go back home, with the thought of having to cook dinner after a hard day’s work!

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