Sarso Ka Saag New Recipe #shorts

Sarso Ka Saag New Recipe #shorts

Know Kitchen Knives Better

A chef’s knife or French knife is generally used simple cutting tool in kitchen to cut slices of vegetables and beef. Its successor, Santoku knife is used to cut boneless meat and fish. Due to its cutting quality, it has become very popular among professional chefs. A good blade should have good edge retention, easy sharpening ability and rust resistance.

Making Use of a Double Boiler to Boil Food the Right Way

Boiler foods are considered to be very healthy as they retain the nutrients of the food, which is being cooked. Food items like vegetables, eggs, meat etc should be boiled as they have the best of nutrients and if they are deep-fried then they will lose all the nutrients.

How to Cook the Best Beef Tenderloin

Cooking a beef tenderloin can be a bit tricky if you are not careful enough. With the proper tips and guidance, you will be able to whip up a great tasting dish in no time…

How to Cook the Best Ribs on a Barbeque

Cooking ribs is an art. But you need to know how to not only cook it, but also keep the flavor and juices sealed…

Good Cooking Tips to Make Excellent Dishes

For any recipe to be perfect there are some cooking tips but before that the cooking utensils should be managed properly and they should be as clean as possible. You know that salt is an integral part of any dish so it is paramount that you make sure that enough salt is added to the dish.

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