Tandoori Masala #shorts

Tandoori Masala #shorts

Carbonara Your Kids Will Love

Oftentimes, children don’t really appreciate a plate of carbonara basically because it does not look appealing at all. A plate of white noodles topped with white sauce, not really their idea of fun and colorful.

How to Make Authentic Mexican Tacos

You will not find tacos made from ground beef in Mexico. However, tacos are very simple to prepare. Tacos are prepared in several different ways, with a variety of fillings. In the city centers, beef, pork and chorizo (Mexican sausage) are the most popular.

How to Use Colander to Cook Delicious Meals in the Microwave

Many people do not have the time to whip up dinner after a long day of work, and you just wish that food can be easily prepared within minutes! However, with microwave, a stainless steel colander and some Tupperware. You can look forward to a simple and nice dinner everyday.

Why Spices and Herbs Are So Important in the Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidad and Tobago cuisine is an artful blend of Amerindian, African, European, Indian, Creole, Lebanese and Chinese flavor influences. These Trinidad and Tobago recipes all rely heavily on spices and herbs to give them their unique taste.

Helpful Cooking Hints For the Kitchen

Here are some old-time kitchen hints that still work today. To keep brown sugar from going hard, put it in an airtight container with a piece of white bread. The bread absorbs the moisture and your brown sugar will stay fresh for two to three months.

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