Top 5 Best Egg Poachers in 2022 Reviews

Top 5 Best Egg Poachers in 2022 Reviews

Barbecue From A Kettle – Weber BBQ Smoker Secrets

A Weber BBQ smoker is a great outdoor cooking appliance, but what if you want that great smoked flavor without having to buy a new smoker. Did you know you can use your Weber kettle grill to get the same effect?

Making Homemade Sushi – How to Make a Simple “Western” Nitsume (Sweet Eel Sauce)

Unagi, or freshwater eel, is one of my favorite ingredients used in sushi, whether it’s a western-style Dragon Roll, unagi nigiri or a simple eel makizushi. While creating my latest batch of homemade and somewhat improvised sushi I got the hankering for the sweet, sumptuous nitsume eel sauce and decided to whip some up, even though I didn’t have any unagi on hand to work with. Turns out I didn’t have very many Japanese ingredients on hand at all, so I had to “westernize” the recipe somewhat. The result, to my great surprise, was slightly different from conventional nitsume though no less delicious, and went very well with my makeshift Rainbow rolls.

Clay Pots of Curd

Find out about my travels to Calcutta. Everything from food to lodging.

Four Tips on How to Buy a Barbecue Smoker

If you want to make real authentic smoked Barbecue, you will need a real authentic barbecue smoker. Here are four quick and easy tips to help you decide what type of barbecue smoker is best for you. The four factors to consider are, first, what type of smoker do you want to have. Second, what type of fuel do you want to burn. Third, what are you going to use your smoker for. And finally, fourth, what is your budget.

Grease and Oil Free Fryers – Tips On How You Could Get The Best One

One of the simplest ways of cooking is frying. This is for the reason that, you only have to use oils and the food that you have to fry. However, since this is the simple way of cooking, it is one of the hardest and boring things when it comes to washing. This is for the reason that, the grease as well as the oil holds into the fryer that makes it hard to eliminate.

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